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Shopping near the University of Washington in Seattle, WA

When shopping in Seattle, WA, people have plenty of options. This great city has some amazing shopping to offer those who visit the city of Seattle. One can visit some of the most worldclass boutiques in Seattle, or one can choose to shop at the funky and trendy shops located throughout Seattle.

The Epicenter is the main downtown shopping district of Seattle. If one wants the experience of shopping at a great outdoor mall, then this is definitely the best place to visit. The Epicenter offers stores like Betsey Johnson and Abercrombie & Fitch for those that visit this great outdoor mall. One can also find major department stores in the Epicenter, such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's. If one wants a high class shopping experience that is also fun, then a person should be sure to visit the Epicenter for the experience of his or her life.

If one wants a more artsy experience when shopping, then he or she should definitely visit the First Hill Shopping District. This great street offers some of the best shopping that Seattle has to offer, along with some of the best artwork. There are all sorts of sculptures interspersed throughout boutiques in Seattle, so one can truly enjoy art and do some great shopping. One may also wish to get a portrait done on the streets of Seattle, since there are artists located throughout the streets of Seattle. One can get great portraits done throughout Seattle for a very affordable price.

Pioneer Square Shopping Plaza is the place to go if one wants a more eclectic shopping experience. This place offers some of the quirkiest bookstores throughout all of Seattle. One can also find some of the best boutiques that this area has to offer. If one wants to truly shop until one drops, then Pioneer Square is the place to go.

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